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Siberian Cats & Kittens are our soul ~Dedicated to The Siberian Cat Since 1992. America's Oldest continual exhibitor/breeder/champion of the breed. 

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We have  babies available to reserve at this time! December 2022

 Retired/Rescue/Rehome Seniors & Adults available now

Interview questionaire required.

Must be picked up in person in ARIZONA , no flying !






Quality Pets, Winning Show Lines & The Best Companions

Want to learn more about the breed from an experienced owner - not just some staff writer taking things off the internet?

Look No Further !


The Siberian Cat Book by Alice Wright

With over 25 years of experience with the Siberian cat, you simply wont find a more experienced exhibitor/breeder.  Testing our pedigrees for PKD, PKD1, PK Def and HCM for the healthiest , happiest, most well socialized babies. Join our Facebook group, Kender Siberians where we share not only our kitties and shows, but health and feeding information, tips and general cat care! 


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